Built for the job site, not the camp site.


The ILLUMAGEAR Halo™ SL is much more than a headlamp; it’s a revolutionary lighting system that provides visibility in all directions up to a quarter-mile away. The new spotlight and task light features provide the ideal lighting conditions for any job. So you get it done right.

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See and be seen™

Safety first. And second and third.

50-foot spotlight

See what lies ahead. Way ahead.

360° visibility for a


Let there be light in all directions.

Powerful FLood

Task Lighting

Clearly see the task before you.

Compatible with any

Standard hard hat

Yes. That means your hard hat.


And cord-free

Freedom of movement and vision.

Battery Life


Five easy-to-read green lights.

Charger included

Never run out of juice.

Matte black

Non-reflective, so your focus stays on the job, not the Halo.

Water resistant

Because rain delays are for baseball.

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